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Classification of Roads

Total lenght of roads and streets – 73 592 km. Average road network density – 1.139 km per 1 km2.

Total lenght of roads under the supervision of SJSC “Latvian State Roads” – 20 131 km. Average state road network density – 0.312 km per 1 km2.

According to the law „On Roads”, main roads are the roads that connect the state road network with the main road network of another country; and the capital city – with other cities in the country or city bypasses.

According to the law „On Roads”, regional roads are the roads that link region administrative centers together or connect with state cities, or the capital city, or main or regional roads, or state cities together.

According to the law „On Roads”, local roads are roads that connect region administrative centers with region towns, populated areas that have a rural municipality administration, villages or other state roads or link separate region administrative centers together.

The State Joint Stock Company “Latvian State Roads” manages 971 bridges, out of which 907 are bridges of reinforced concrete, 14 – of stone, 43 – of metal, and 7 – of wood. The total length of bridges is 31 173 meters.